Quality, not quantity

We are a family owned and operated business. We build every pool as if it were our own,we will never accept sub-standard workmanship on our pools. Each one of our pools are plumbed by our team of employees. I visit the site everyday until your pool is complete. . Your new pool should be a lot of enjoyment and years of fun. Our promise to our customer is to build your pool within thirty five days on a standard pool. Custom materials may take a bit longer. You will see steady progress on the construction of your project. We are an organized company that keeps your project organized on a daily basis and do everything under the sun to make you happy. You will never get a notice of owner from our subs. We pay our bills and get a release before we give you your bill. This way you are guaranteed to never pay twice.

Let Custom Pools by Design turn your customer's dreams into reality with a magnificent pool filled with quality. Our pools are different from every other pool builder and we are proud to share why.

• It all begins with the owner and his team of professionals that are the very best in their trades. Our workers take great pride in their craft and are proud of what they do.
• We offer the very best in customer service to each and every customer. There is always someone a phone call away to assist with answering any questions or handling any problems that may arise.
• A beautiful dedicated showroom for customers to spend time choosing colors and material for their pool.
• Our customers never receive a "notice to owner" on any job and always receive lien releases at time of draws.
• We are very proud of our quality end product and we are able to successfully continue providing this quality due largely to daily supervision of each job.

12x24 - 13x26 - All pools get original Pebble Tech lifetime warranty, STD colors
Colored interiors come with color coordinated pool fittings
Back fill to top of beam, water wash dirt compaction, and hand dig all trenches back to pad, this is done to ensure all plumbing is laid in compacted dirt.
We level pool beams before installing coping and tile, this procedure relieves unnecessary stress on plumbing which prevents future leaks in plumbing

Spas plumbed in loop
Six jets in every spa
Spas that get automation have spa controller set in mud box on spa beam, this keeps spa the controller flush with coping

Auto fill on every pool
2" returns plumbed in a loop for less resistance and equal jet pressure
Bell end pipe used for all underground piping
We hold pressure on our pools for a minimum of seven days not fifteen minutes
Minimum of four return lines
Dedicated vac line
All spas plumbed in 2" supply and return
We use Pentair self lube valves- valve handles won't break off in three years due to the sun
All pools are plumbed by our team of employees

Double cut brick coping
Poura Lids on deck for skimmer and auto fill
Our minimum footer size is 12'x12'
We pour all equipment pads and door pads with concrete, even when using paver deck
All retaining walls are shot solid or poured solid- no empty cells

Three year warranty on all pool equipment
We pour pads large enough to have room to add a heater at a later date

Stainless steel screen anchor hardware- marine grade
7' super gutters

Steps to our success:

Step 1: The Design

Step 2: The Dig

Step 3: Form and Steel pool shell to code

Step 4: Plumb Pool We only use bell end pipe and loop all return lines for reduced resistance and equal pressure out of the returns in our pools and spas.

Step 5: Tile and Brick Install

Step 6: Paver Deck

Step 7: Set Equipment

Step 8: Fill Pool

Step 9: Pools Filled With Quality